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  Standard Products

Blood collection Monitors
Vehicle Token Printers.
Profiles generators
Production Monitoring Systems
Stepper Motor Drives.
Instrumentation Amplifiers
Load cell Amplifiers
LVDT signal conditioners.
Torque signal conditioners
Flow Integrators
RPM indicators
Line Speed Indicator
Jumbo displays
PID Amplifiers
Programmable sequencer
Token display units
Digital panel meters
DC Motor controllers
DC power supplies (linear)DC power supplies (SMPS)

PCB  Modules

Digital input isolation card
Digital output isolation card
Analog isolation card
Analog filter card
I-I Isolation card
V-V Isolation card
V-I Isolation card
I-V Isolation card
System safety monitor
Watch dogs
Connector Blocks
Relay Modules
RS 485 to RS 232 Convertors
Solid state relay modules
Digital potentio meter
AC Line filter


Power & control transformers
Interfacing cables
Printing accessories
Instrument Enclosures

Indicators, scanner, control and data logging for the following parameters

Rpm, Angle and Torque,
Temperature ,flow, pressure,
Volt, Amps and power
Counter and Timer
Load and Level

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